The elegant Art to enjoy the Time
The brandname design was founded more than 10 years ago and stands from this time on as a garant for quality and design. Besides classic-elegant quartz timepieces the brand has systematicly extended it's high-quality mechanical watches, to receive attention of its balanced price- and performance conditions.

The claim, who is linked with the predicate "Swiss Made" is providing always a new challenge and a big responsibility. For special quality reasons more and more stainless steel as basic material is used as well as sapphire crystals and high quality gold plating of 10 Micron and more. Adopting the trend of today and to make the fines of our product and the fine movements visuable, we produce all watch with a glass case back. All movements are constructed predominant on basic versions of well-known ETA and Valjoux calibers, which are predominant peculiarity modified.

Besides of classical leather strap watches, the brand manufacture also a very wide collection on pocket watches.




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